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FRM coil – Is composed of a Central core from 0.2 – 0.4 mm., and 8 to 10 wires of 0.1 mm around the core. Use this coil can be in two versions:
1. Option with core inside – allows you to get low resistance, with small dimensions of the coil. As well 8-10 wires add low resistance wound around the core. Suitable most for those who need to get more steam on MTL devices with good airflow.
2. The variant without core for this option, you need to cut a piece of 10-15 cm, to release one end from the winding, and remove the vein. In this version, the resistance of the coil will increase and you will get a delicious and juicy MTL coil for your atomizers. The liquid will constantly accumulate inside the coil, due to which you get a good taste and steam.
FSM coil – Is composed of a Central core of 0.2 – 0.3 mm and 6-10 wires 0.1 – 0.12 mm. around the core, then, the product flattens to a certain stage. Use this coil can be on any type of MTL device. As shown, this coil versatile, tasty and juicy.

Abbreviation explanation:

FSM – Fresh Super mini
FRM – Fresh Round mini
RSM – Ramses Super mini

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