We deliver orders all over the world.

General delivery terms:

The product is delivered to the address specified in the order. The goods are delivered to the post office or the front door of the house or cottage.

To receive the product, you must prepare the following documents:

– Buyer’s identity document
– Power of attorney, if the goods are accepted by a trusted person

If the product is returned of proper quality, the delivery cost is not refunded. The product can be returned by the buyer to the store’s warehouse at the return address specified in the envelope, within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery.
If you do not comply with the terms of delivery and acceptance of the product, re-delivery is charged separately.

* Visiting the site, purchasing and delivering a specific product may be illegal in the country where the cardholder is located.

* The cardholder is responsible for failure to comply with the laws of their country when visiting this site and attempting to purchase goods/services, if such are prohibited by law in the country where they are located.

* Customs clearance of the goods in the buyer’s country is the buyer’s responsibility.