We strive to improve the quality of our deliveries and product packaging. In case of incorrect order configuration or delivery of goods of poor quality, we will exchange the goods at our own expense or refund your money. Exchange or refund for the product to the buyer is carried out after its return.


* Carefully inspect the item after delivery to make sure you are satisfied with the quality, texture, and size of the item. You can refuse the product if you found a difference between the description on the site and the actual product when you received the product.

· If you find any damages or inconsistencies, please inform the seller via the contact form on the website. Take a picture of any deviations.

* The product is exchanged after it is returned to the seller and then sent by mail.

* Refund is made by money transfer via Western Union.


If a defect was detected or the wrong product was delivered upon receipt of the order, provided that the defect was not caused by the customer’s fault, the order is replaced and returned free of charge. If the product is returned or rejected upon delivery, the customer pays for the logistics of the return, in accordance with the current mail rates specified on our website in the delivery section, including all other necessary services for picking up the product from the customer.
For products that do not have a warranty period, but the customer found a defect in the product, we will consider the possibility of repairing this product by the manufacturer on an individual basis. If you find any defects in the product, please contact us using the contact form on the website.


· If the product does not fit you, you can return it within 7 days from the date of receipt (except for non-refundable items).

· You can independently arrange delivery of the goods to our warehouse, the cost is determined according to the current tariffs.

* Return of goods of proper quality is possible if its presentation (packaging, seals, labels), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified product (product or cash receipt) are preserved.

* Goods with individual characteristics (that is, goods made to order with individually defined parameters), having proper quality-are not subject to exchange and return in accordance with Article 26.1 Of the law on consumer protection (Zozpp).

· If the product consists of several parts, do not forget to return all the components. We will only accept a full set for return.

· If you refuse the product after it is delivered, you can arrange the delivery yourself.

· After the goods arrive at our warehouse, our specialists will check the condition and quality of the returned goods. Based on the results of verification, the product is canceled from your order.

· To get a refund, you need to fill out an application.
The application must be accompanied by a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase (invoice, cash receipt) and a return invoice with a signature. Funds for the returned goods are transferred in cash to the customer specified in the application.

* The refund period may take up to 10 business days from the date of receipt at the warehouse and cancellation of the refund. This usually takes no more than 7 business days.

We wish you a cozy shopping experience!